All About the Team

We are a team based in and around Bristol in the South West of England. We've been running our dogs in Flyball now since 1996. We currently have around 20 members and 20 competing dogs along with various other retired, starter and baby dogs! We are a competitive team who aim to train our dogs positively and consistently to get the best out of them. We compete most weekends through the Summer usually travelling to the Midlands or somewhere off of the M4 corridor. We are a friendly bunch who enjoy the social aspect of flyball nearly as much as the racing! We have a fastest ever time of 16.49secs which put us 3rd fastest team in the country and 3rd at the British Flyball Championships in 2011.

We train in the Henbury and Shirehampton areas of Bristol, usually on a Sunday morning although this changes during the Summer when we are away competing. Our main intake of starter dogs is in October although we do sometimes have spaces come up at other times of the year. To begin training with us dogs must be over 12months old, have a good recall, be reasonably fit and be able to retrieve a tennis ball. All breeds and sizes of dog are welcome. If you are interested in joining us please get in touch through the 'contact' page and we can give you some more information. If your dog is currently under 12months please still contact us as we can put you on our waiting list and give you some foundation exercises to work on.


Current Seed Times 2015

Bristol Ball-istics16.50
Bristol Ball-istic Rockets17.77
Bristol Ball-istic Extraset18.68
Bristol Ball-istic Bombers23.30
Bristol Ball-istic Missiles23.78

Fastest Times 2014

Bristol Ballistics16.59
Bristol Ballistic Rockets18.07
Bristol Ballistic Extraset


Bristol Ballistic Bombshells


Bristol Ballistic Bombers24.05
Bristol Ballistic Missiles24.36






2012 Fastest Times

Bristol Ball-istics16.59
Bristol Ball-istic Rockets17.83
Bristol Ball-istic Extraset18.87
Bristol Ball-istic Missiles25.61


2011 Fastest Times                                      2010 Fastest Times

Bristol Ballistics16.49
Bristol Ballistic Rockets17.79
Bristol Ballistic Extraset18.74
Bristol Ballistic Missiles24.20
Bristol Ballistics17.05
Bristol Ballistic Rockets18.59
Bristol Ballistic Extraset19.96
Bristol Ballistic Missiles23.39