07/02/2013      Catch-up

2012 was a difficult season for us as both Perry and Asher were unable to race due to injury. We only had 1 new dog come out in to Open competition, that was Laika who did fantastically well filling Asher's place in Ball-istics. At the start of the season we read more »

11/09/2011      Baby Ballistic number 2 has arrived!

Congratulations to Louise and Rob on the birth of Polly on 8/9/11 read more »

26/08/2011      This years Champs

Well done to the Missiles for winning their division. They raced really well all day. And well done to the Ballistics for getting 3rd in the country! And also acheiving an amazing time of 16.49sec. Also, well done to the Rockets and Extraset, they both raced really well in very read more »

10/08/2011      Wins and a new best time!

All 3 teams won their divisions this weekend at Fairview Farm with Extraset getting a best ever time of 18.74secs! read more »

10/08/2011      More Milestones :)

Congratulations to our team Captain Louise and Sonny on gaining their Gold award and to Nick and Lacy on gaining their Silver award! read more »

27/07/2011      Another Best Time for Rockets

Rockets managed a new best time of 17.91 this weekend :) read more »

17/07/2011      Rockets New Best Time

Rockets managed a new best time of 17.93 this weekend :) read more »

13/07/2011      Recent Milestone Awards

Congratulations to Bobbie with Jamie for gaining their Silver Award (10,000points) and to Claire with Diefer and Carol with Smartie for achieving their Gold Awards (15,000points)! read more »

10/07/2011      Another Best Time for Ballistics

Ballistics managed another new best time of 16.63 this weekend :) read more »

19/06/2011      Another Best Time for Rockets

This weekend at Basingstoke Rockets managed a new best time of 18.04 :) Ballistics also matched their best time of 16.85 :) read more »

13/06/2011      Another Best Time for Extraset

Extraset managed a new best time of 18.91 this weekend at Padworth. Sadly Ballistics didn't get to finish their racing in the afternoon due to the weather. read more »

29/05/2011      On a Roll - Three new best times!!!

This weekend all three teams managed new best times; Ballistics 16.85, Rockets 18.16, Extraset 19.62 :-) read more »

24/05/2011      New Best Times

This weekend at Farnham Park Ballistics managed to join the 16s club with a time of 16.96s and Rockets had a new best time of 18.30 :-) read more »

23/05/2011      Farnham Park

Sadly Extraset only managed two of their five races due to injury but they still managed to finish 3rd :-) read more »

05/05/2011      Congratulations Bobbie and Nat

They both recieved a very high award at Acremead last weekend. Natalie received her Gold award for Asher which is 15,000 points. Bobbie received her Pearl (or Pearl Moon as the crystal said!!) award for Perry which is a massive 30,000 points. Well done to you both. read more »