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07 February 2013

2012 was a difficult season for us as both Perry and Asher were unable to race due to injury. We only had 1 new dog come out in to Open competition, that was Laika who did fantastically well filling Asher's place in Ball-istics. At the start of the season we received our new Premier Box (many thanks to our sponsors Royal Canin) which most dogs adjusted to quickly but we suffered from a few fumbles and dropped balls through the season due to the dogs lack of experience on it. The teams did well time wise, Ball-istics had a best time of 16.59secs but the team struggled for consistency and we were very disappointed to come 8th at the European Flyball Championships. Rockets had a much better year, the Royal Canin energy packs that we feed prior to racing really seemed to help them, they came 4th at the Euros and then the highlight of our season was winning division 8 at the British Championships. Ball-istics came 4th in division 1, Extraset came 5th in division 14 and Missiles came 4th in division 45. Towards the end of the season Carol made the difficult decision to retire Smartie, and at the end of the season, Edna retired Sky and Pete retired Guinness. We wish a very happy retirement to Perry, Smartie, Sky and Guinness, they have all had a big impact on our club and we will miss them running in the teams. Over the Winter we have been training hard and rebuilding the teams, we have taken on a number of new starters and Asher is back in training. We also have two puppies that we are training this year ready to compete next season. We are hoping for a fun and successful year of flyballing which starts Easter weekend!

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